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Anyone Left Standing?

Posted by Ron Starr on 15 Jun 2003

Click here to see results for Last Man StandingHershey, PN- At Capital Punishment, Jim Axtell did the unthinkable, and defeated the Masked Monster: Penance. Some called it luck, some said it was down to the advantage of surprise, and others said it was because he truly had the heart of a Champion. Now, 8 weeks later, Axtell has to show he can do it all over again on the same night that the new #1 Contender for the belt is named.

Before Axtell and Penance do battle, the surviving 4 from the Last Man Standing tournament would fight it out for their Title shot... Would Rhett Locke get the chance to emulate his Title winning success in OSW? Would Clark Carlisle give Starr Power an opportunity to get the World Title in their group... Or would Karina Wolfenden or Paula Michelle Smith make it Last WOMAN Standing... If one was left standing at all?

As well as the answers to these questions being answered, Magnum Wolf would finally be caged by Angelo Deville in what had the makings of being PWC's most brutal bout to date. The Alliance Titles were on the line also as a now solo Chandler Tsonda battled the plucky duo of the Masked Mullet and El Spiffy!... Not to mention RISP swelling PWC's bank balance with their PPV time purchases.

To see all of this unfold... As well as much, much more; Click the image and enjoy.

Bones....J-Con.....Iron Man Match.....Need I Say More?

Posted by Ron Starr on 15 Jun 2003

Click here to see results from June 7th, 2003Pomona, NJ- On the eve of Last Man Standing, we got a sneak peek at what we can expect as two of the top stars in PWC went at it in a 60 minute Last Man Standing Iron Man Match. Would either man walk out of Pomona standing? Tune in to find out.

Also on this weeks show, many of the superstars taking part in tomorrow nights pay per view were in attendance and many of the wars that have been taking place over the last few weeks were taken to the next level. Who was given a last ride? Who was used as a roadside hazard? What was the stipulation put on the PWC World Title match by Ron Starr? All the answers to these questions and much more can be found by watching this weeks edition of PWC TV!!

A Little Taster

Posted by Ron Starr on 8 Jun 2003

Click here to see results from June 7th, 2003Glassboro, NJ- In 8 days time, Jim Axtell will once again square off against PWC's Masked Monster at Last Man Standing... But the question answered tonight was 'Would he go into the match as PWC Champion'? As expected, PWC's top duo put on a match fitting of their stature, but events of the past few weeks would come into play... Leading to more than one dramatic ending, with repercussions that are sure to be felt next Sunday.

Also on PWC TV;

The Revival see the membership of RISP dwindle before their very eyes... El Spiffy! and the Masked Mullet show why Luchadores and Alcohol don't mix... And Rhett Locke continues to battle with Clark Carlisle over the affections of PWC's resident Gallic beauty... Not to mention the Last Man Standing field gets cut to the 4 who'll fight for a Title shot next Sunday.

To see all this, and more, go down on a night of high drama and tense emotions for the Pro Wrestling Circuit, click on the banner and enjoy.

The Elite Eight

Posted by Ron Starr on 1 Jun 2003

Click here to see results from May 31st, 2003Wildwood, NJ- No matches were announced ahead of PWC TV this week. All that was known was that the 14 wrestlers left in Last Man Standing would be recuced to 8... By means unknown. Would 2 be eliminated without even fighting a match? Or would 2 go through without setting a foot in the ring? Would friends fight? Or would enemies clash? And would all 14 actually be fit to compete? So many questions, all revealed in 2 exciting hours.

Also on PWC TV;

The Revival show that if you don't voice your opinion, others will do so for you... Karina and Paula Michelle Smith search for the right words... Magnum Wolf asks an unlikely man to accompany him to ringside... A familiar face returns to PWC Television, but at what price?... And Frankie Bones teaches a Janitor not to walk around dark corners.

To see all this go down and more, click the banner and enjoy the PWC action as we approach the 2 weeks leading to Last Man Standing.

Against All Odds

Posted by Ron Starr on 24 May 2003

Click here to see results from April 5th, 2003Mays Landing, NJ- Since the very inception of PWC, there has been one physically dominant force, a Masked Monster nothing is known about, sent into action by the sinister "Prophet". An all-powerful Dark Atoner who will knock down any and all sinners in his path... Penance. And who would be thrown to the Great Purger tonight? A man equal in size and power? No. A wrestling legend? Nope. Two men who could maybe together fight off the monster? Nooooo... Facing Penance would be a 153 pound, trust-fund baby... Who's also female - Karina Wolfenden.

Would she even last 2 minutes? Can a determined heart really overcome such physical disadvantages? Or will good deeds finally pay-off and come to the aid of the underdog?

Also on an action packed PWC TV; Paula Michelle Smith is ensured a very happy birthday indeed, Angelo Deville goes to Ron Starr and leaves with an ultimatum that surely won't please Magnum Wolf, Propaganda & Eric Sagar leave Limerick speechless, and Hoyt Williams not only manages to insult an entire nation... But a worldwide faith to boot... Just what WOULD Hoyt do?

Add to all this such matches as El Spiffy! & the Masked Mullet taking on 2nd Generation Viet Cong, McGlocklan challenging for the TV Title, and the 4 remaining Last Man Standing 1st round matches...

...And you have an action packed 2 hours only the Pro Wrestling Circuit can deliver.

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